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Thank you for your interest in volunteering within the Regina area of the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Applicants interested in applying for a volunteer position must follow the process outlined below.

1) Review all Volunteer Postings we are currently recruiting for and choose the volunteer position of interest and submit an online application form 

Click here to view postings and to apply online

Note: All online application fields must be completed and you must have a valid email address.  Applications with incomplete fields and/or with no email address will be rejected.


2) Volunteer Services will review applications to determine the volunteer’s suitability for the volunteer opportunity they have applied. If appropriate, Volunteer Services will email volunteer applicant with the following information and forms:

  • Volunteer Services Reference Form please provide a copy of this form to two of your references requesting they complete and return to you. 
  • Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check - All successful candidates are required to provide a CRC/Vulnerable Sector Check, from local Police Department, during the recruitment and selection process. This is only for volunteers 18 years of age and older. As of March 19, 2018 there will be a $10.00 fee to process a Criminal Record Check for Volunteers. Please click the following link for more information regarding this charge. Notice of fee for Volunteer Criminal Record Check.   
  • Online Criminal Record/Vulnerable Record Checks now available for $20.00. May take up to 2 weeks to recieve. For more information and to sumbit your information please visit  Online Criminal Record/Vulnerable Record Check  
  • Please note, a criminal record will not automatically result in not being accepted as a volunteer.


3) Volunteer Services will contact volunteer applicant once all application information is received and reviewed to set up an interview.

Prior to the interview you will be asked to review the  Handbook and General Guidelines for Volunteers and asked to print off and complete the questionnaires inside the manual. Please bring the completed questionnaires to the interview. 


4) The Screening Interview includes:

  1. Questions
  2. Handbook and General Guidelines Review
  3. Confidentiality Agreement Review and Form Completed
  4. Volunteer Services Program Overview
  5. Applicants Questions
  6. Further Process Information- Follow Up Procedures


5) The Coordinator from the Department of Volunteer Services who facilitated the interview will determine the suitability for the Volunteer Position the applicant has applied for.

If approved you will be offered the Volunteer Position. Next steps will be:

  1. Training for Duties specific to the approved Volunteer Position.
  2. Site Orientation
  3. Other ongoing training and education as required 


How long will this process take to become a volunteer?

Approximately two to four weeks. Our goal is to contact you within one week after receiving the applicant’s online application form and 48 hours after receiving all other required information from the applicant (Criminal Record Check and reference forms). 

The process does require the submission of forms by the applicant.  The time it takes an applicant to submit forms can either lengthen or shorten the time it takes to complete this process. This time is factored into our process time.

For more information on the process for becoming a registered volunteer with our area, please email us at or call 306 766 4713.

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