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Telehealth is the delivery of health care and education at a distance through live, interactive video, audio and computer technology ("videoconferencing").

Telehealth enhances the ability to provide and receive patient care and education regardless of geographic location.

Telehealth provides 3 main services:

1. Client Clinical Services
  • Linking a client via videoconference with a health provider at a distant location (a "clinic session"). Example: Patient in Regina speaks with Genetics Counselor in Saskatoon.
  • Client case conferencing which links one health care team with another distant health care team. Example: A rehabilitation health team (which may include physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses and dietitians) in Alberta speaks to rehabilitation team in Grenfell about a client transferring to their area.

2. Education Services

  • Videoconferencing to provide or receive health education for clients, the public and health care providers.

3. Administrative Meeting Services

  • Connecting health care groups for administrative meetings.

Telehealth Education Calendar

For Patients and Public

Patients and the public are encouraged to use Telehealth for Patient Clinical Services and Public Education Services.

For Health Care Providers

Health care providers are encouraged to use Telehealth for: 1. Clinical Services, Continuing Professional Education and Administrative Services.


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